Hello Brothers and sisters.

First of all we have to apologize us. The launch of the pre-sale tickets for M.A.C.C. 2018 will not be today ( Sunday April 15 ) as announced last week. Due to some reason the tickets will be launched tomorrow evening ( Monday April 16 ). Pre-sale tickets costs only 10 euro per ticket and are limited up to 500 pieces. If all tickets would be sold, there is still way to pay at the door at 15 euro per ticket.

On the other hand we have great news.

We have green light to announce the headliner for M.A.C.C. 2018.

This band played headliner at the very first edition of M.A.C.C. back in 2009. It is an honor and great pleasure for us, to have this band back on our stage as headliner of the 10th golden anniversary edition.

With proud and honor we present you  IZEGRIM !!!